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Deck Coatings

We have a variety of deck coatings, each one has different qualities to the other, making them better suited for differing timber types. Some require re-coating within 8 months, some within 8 years, so call us or drop in and discuss your need, and we'll direct you to the best solution for your project. from oil based, water soluble oil based, to acrylic resin based.

Preparation is a key to extending the life of your Deck Coating, We have a product from Haymes Paints that will prepare your deck for the best start to the longest life, We also have application equipment to assist completion of the job, such as extension pole deck brushes and lambswool applicators.

Haymes UVEX

This long lasting premium finish protects exterior timber with industry-leading technology providing you with a long-lasting, low maintenance solution that repels water and looks fantastic. The UVEX finish incorporates HALS and UV absorbers delivering exceptional performance and protection for your timber. When applied over UVEX Primer, the UVEX Timber Finish provides a dual layer that delivers outstanding UV protection whilst maintaining the timber's natural appeal.

  • Triple barrier UV protection
  • Long lasting timber protection
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Mould resistant
  • Low maintenance